Local rules

1. Course limits

  • are marked with white pegs or white line holes number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
  • at the hole no. 4 forms the boundary of the course on the right side portion of the fenced area,
  • out is completed by twoo white pins together.

2. Unmovable barriers

  • benches, orientation and advertising boards, ballwashers, waste baskets,
  • shaft irrigation, irrigation (sprinkler),
  • roads are covered with fine and paved gravel,
  • pins indicating the distance of the edge of the putting green (pins of one strip 100m, two strips 150 m, three strips 200m).

3. Movable barriers

  • rake in bunkers,
  • stones in bunkers,
  • pegs for marking water hazards.

4. Ground of repair

  • the ground which is being under repair is marked whit blue pegs or white line.

5. Water hazard

  • longitudinal water hazards marked by red pins (holes no.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  • cross water hazard, marked with yelow pins (hole no. 3)
  • bridges are part of the water hazard,
  • drop zone at the hole no. 2 can be used in the implementation of relief from the water hazard (2 lakes before green no. 2).

6. Protection of young trees

  • while playing on the court, pay clever relief beyond the obstacles for the protection of young trees.

7. Time

  • plaing time for 9 holes is 2 hours and 20 minutes. Limit of seprate holes are cca 15 minutes.

8. Training swings

  • training swings on the teeing ground are allowed only if there is no contact between the club and the ground. It is not allowed to cut the grass by training swings.

9. Driving range

  • driving range can be firing the ball out of the grass only when the cord marked space on batting and one does not discharge from the driving range ( from substrates.

10. Duties of players

  • report at the reception before start the game,
  • repair of cut grass,
  • backfilling of damage turf tees an a sand substrate,
  • repair of damage spots after the ball landed on the green,
  • return of selected pins after playing the ball to original position,
  • repair sand in bunkers after playing ball,
  • obeying the call to leave the field or relocation to designated locations on the fiels in case of bad weather – the storm (long uninterrupted sound of the trumpet).

11. Players are forbidden to

  • play with DRIVING RANGE balls,
  • use DRIVING RANGE balls on the training area (putting green, chipping green),
  • game with more balls,
  • browsing through the green with a bag or trolley.